Mindfully OK. Modern Mindfulness to Combat Stress in the Workplace. EFFECTIVELY Treat anxiety depression AND STRESS. Online Modules, Personal Counselling. Stress Management and Stress Relief.
Mindfulness training Learn to teach mindfulness self help and personal development modules one day courses personal counselling build strong leadership and management skills CONQUER YOUR ANXIETY DEPRESSION AND STRESS.

My name is Geoff Rowe DHC(UK) MISMA. I am the Principal of Mindfully OK and I am a full professional member of the International Stress Management Association. I am a fully qualified and insured counsellor mentor and a personal development trainer with over 25 years experience. I am also a licensed mindfulness teacher. My qualification in Mindfulness teaching is accredited by the British Psychological Society. I am fully registered with the ICO for data protection under the new GDPR regulations.

I use real examples from my professional life supplemented with personal experience, gained from my lifetime’s journey with the challenges of considerable personal disability, to help to guide you through your journey. You will be introduced to some blindingly simple information that gives you a new perspective on self-control and stress management. Most importantly you will be shown how to build your own very manageable and practical personal regime, creating a sense of comfortable authenticity that will benefit you at whatever stage you are in your life, or career.

I look forward to meeting you.