Just like the little fellow in the picture, we all have to look in the mirror sometimes and assess how we are doing. What do you see looking back at you?

If your honest assessment is "fine, all is good" then carry on doing what you are doing, but what if....

  • You see in your face that you are suffering from a build up of stress, to the point where you feel that you are in crisis.

  • You know you are not coping as well as you could. More strategies to deal with the daily grind would be very welcome, both with work and personal life.

  • You would like to help other people in your life, but feel a bit powerless or limited in what you can offer and would welcome some guidance.

  • You know that your business should be doing more to help its staff, but are bemused and bewildered by the volume of courses and help that is on offer.

  • You have reached a point where you realise that specific things in your life are holding you back, or making you unhappy.

  • You have been on training courses before which may have helped, but the advice seemed rather lightweight and didn't really resonate with you anyway.

  • You would like to do something to 'better yourself,' but just don't have the time.

Well please read on. Mindfully OK is all about helping you to build a flexible, reliable framework of self awareness and management skills that will serve you well for your lifetime. We give you the tools to learn how to respond rather than react to daily demands. The way you learn, and when you learn these skills, is chosen by you.

27 years of experience with individuals and businesses has taught us the value of flexibility in all aspects of our work. We have used our experience to ensure that we offer you an array of choices in individual crisis management, training and counselling services. Having said that, it is quite possible that what you are looking for is just a little bit different. So for you, we offer a free 15 minute consultation by Skype, telephone or email, to see if we can find an attractive solution to your personal or business needs. Please do get in touch, but in the meantime, here is a brief selection of the sevices we offer.

Stress Clinic: Crisis Management

When your world disintegrates. Stress Clinic: Crisis Management

When you take at take at look at yourself, and you know you are in, or approaching crisis.

When someone tells you that you need help. Fast!

When you really don't want counselling - you just want some help coping with stress.

The Stress Clinic are one to one Online Skype based consultations, where you can book a thirty, sixy or ninety minute session to get the help you need in the shape of strategies, exercises. tips and routines that start having an immediate positive effect on your life from the moment you start using them.

When you book your session through our Website, you can leave information on what type of help you need. This means that each session is focused and specific to your needs.

Available times for the sessions range from 07:00 - 21:00 seven days per week, to minimise the disruption to your life.

Online Personal Development Training Courses

When you are not in crisis, but would like to learn management skills like stress management, mindfulness, communication skills etc. You can choose what you would like to cover when booking. We offer a number of ways for you to take part in the training:


Training Courses.

E - Courses:

We offer a self guided Foundation Course that gives you a very good background in stress management and mindfulness. It includes professional email mentoring, so it is like reading a self help book and having the author on hand to answer questions and offer further guidance.

Online Skype CPD Courses:

A very comprehensive Accredited Continuing Professional Development Course - (30 CPD Credits) - ‘Learn To Teach Stress Management And Modern Mindfulness To Yourself And Others’.

Group and On Site Courses:

Contact us if you would like us to deliver training sessions to your business (located in mainland UK), or would like to attend any of our group courses.

One Off Self Study Sessions:

If you don’t want or need CPD Credits, but would like to improve your life and management skills, we offer one to one Skype sessions for one, two, or three people at a time to suit you.


If you are ready to face the problems in your life that won’t go away, or the traumas from the past that are holding you back, or the decisions that need to be made that you just can’t seem to resolve, then counselling might be the best choice for you. Feeling comfortable and safe with your counsellor is very important, so we would always suggest a 15 minute free chat before you set up a session.

You may choose to have your session by phone, by email, or by Skype. Generally speaking, Skype provides a stronger connection, so if you wish to have the equivalent of a telephone call you can just turn the camera off.

Sessions are completely confidential.

There are no contracts, or long term commitments when you book a session and just like the Stress Clinic sessions, you can chose the focus of the session when you book.