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Please complete the following introductory form before each SKYPE session, so that I know a little bit about who you are and what you would like to get out of the sessions. If you have already completed one or more sessions, please complete the form with details of your progress, with any thoughts on consolidating techniques and learning, or any new subjects you would like to cover.

Medical conditions will not stop a session taking place, we may just do things a bit differently. If you have any concerns, please talk to me before the session and do speak to your doctor for advice.

The sessions are completely confidential, even if they have been arranged by your employer. Please make sure that you choose a private place to take part in our SKYPE sessions and make sure that any emails you receive from me are kept safe and secure. I am fully registered with the ICO for data protection under the new GDPR regulations.

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If this is your first session, please give a brief background of yourself, your knowledge of mindfulness and what you would like to cover in our sessions. If this is a follow up session, please give details of your progress and an indication of what you would like to cover in subsequent sessions.
Mindfulness practices are very safe with few, if any side effects. However, if you have asthma, epilepsy, or serious mental health problems, some extra precautions can be taken. Please complete this box with 'n/a' if you do not have any health concerns.
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