Accredited Mindfulness Teacher
Training 5 Day Course

Important Information:

The next 5 Day Course is scheduled for September 2019. If you would like to register your interest, please click here and let us know what dates would suit you best.

Alternatively, the one to one online Skype ‘Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Course’ runs throughout the summer. Click here for details.

My Training Philosophy - The Way I Work With You.

Steve Jobs once said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life“

With this in mind, I always try to “lead from behind” in my sessions, so that you can find and adopt your own comfortable philosophies and not be hijacked by others. By this I mean that I have no particular set of views, or philosophes that I believe you need to agree with, before I can help you. I know what works for me, but I am sure that many things that I believe and many things I do will most certainly not work for you. I will offer you a tasting menu of practical and theoretical information to sample, and I hope that some of it resonates with you and that you can comfortably reject much of it, because it does not feel right for you. Many times, being free to reject what doesn’t feel right is as important as accepting new ways forward. In short, I want you to effectively choose how to live your own life and not to become a clone of me.

The emphasis is very much on showing you how to use all that you are, good and bad, positive and negative, to build resilient self awareness. By learning how to accept all that is you, rather than trying to tune out the bits that you don’t like, you become free to trust yourself, build patience and learn to be more realistic and compassionate. This in turn allows you to learn how to respond in new creative ways to life’s challenges, rather than to react in the same old way as you have always done.

Being in control of yourself rather than being run by old beliefs and philosophies that have been forced upon you, is a much more successful and comfortable way to lead your life. Clarity of thought, focus, personal productivity and creativity are just some of the benefits that follow when you feel that you are living by your own rules.

So, if you are looking for a guru who will tell you how to think, what to think, when and how to exercise and what to eat, you have come to the wrong website. If, on the other hand, you want someone to lay out useful information for you to consider and guide and support you in your quest to live your own life, then this website is definitely for you.

Become a Confident and Competent Mindfulness Teacher and Trainer.

This fully accredited, modern, updated and relevant 5 day course offers you 55 Continuing Professional Development Credits upon successful completion. You may not need CPD credits, but the fact that the Course has been externally verified and awarded the credits means that the content and the teaching methodology are of a very high standard. It is available as a 5 consecutive weekday course, a weekend course split over three weekends, or as a one to one live online Skype module.

The main features of the Course are:

It is not based on any religious, spiritual or philosophical model. I think that it is vital that you develop your own personal relationship with Mindfulness that you are comfortable with. I will make every effort to help you discover your style. Mindfulness is very adaptable and does not clash with personal philosophies unless a style is forced upon you.

No level of prior knowledge of Mindfulness is assumed, or required. You will be given a short book list, prior to the Course, but if you want to come to the first day with little or no knowledge, that is fine. Experienced mindfulness practitioners are welcome too.

The Course will be very practical. You will be shown many techniques, exercises, tips and strategies and will be given ample time to try them out. This will all be accompanied by theoretical knowledge, where necessary, to put the practical element into perspective. Extensive notes, slides and meditations are included.

The Course is aimed to help you build your own self-awareness and to understand why we do what we do and think what we think. Personal learning will then make it easier to widen out our awareness to friends, family and colleagues at work to help us understand Mindfulness in the wider world,

Although the Course is designed to help you to become a confident and professional teacher of Mindfulness it is also suitable for those who want to learn about mindfulness for their own use. The considerations of how to teach others can often cement the knowledge in our own heads more effectively.

For those who wish to gain the CPD Credits, there will be a written assignment at the end of the Course, which you have 6 months to complete. The assignment does not require any further study and the knowledge needed to answer the questions can be found in the notes. It is a useful exercise to cement learning.

If you have any special needs either physically, mentally or emotionally, please let me know prior to the event starting. I am in a wheelchair so I take all matter of equality of opportunity very seriously. For instance, if you think that you would have problems with the written questions, we can arrange an oral assessment. Just ask!

Its a big commitment of time and money, so before you make your choice you are invited to book a free 15 minute session with me, to ask any questions you might have. Please choose this option below:

The venue may change depending on numbers, but will be based in North Hampshire near major road and rail links.

The Course is offered as a 5 Day Course (consecutive days) or as a 3 consecutive weekend course with Saturday and Sunday on the first two weekends and Saturday on the third. It is also offered as a One to One Personalised and Adaptable Live Skype Online Course. If you have any questions, please get in contact by phone or email. Alternatively please book yourself a free 15 minute chat on Skype. Click the button below and choose a time to suit you.