My Training Philosophy - The Way I Work With You.

Steve Jobs once said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life“

With this in mind, I always try to “lead from behind” in my sessions, so that you can find and adopt your own comfortable philosophies and not be hijacked by others. By this I mean that I have no particular set of views, or philosophes that I believe you need to agree with, before I can help you. I know what works for me, but I am sure that many things that I believe and many things I do will most certainly not work for you. I will offer you a tasting menu of practical and theoretical information to sample, and I hope that some of it resonates with you and that you can comfortably reject much of it, because it does not feel right for you. Many times, being free to reject what doesn’t feel right is as important as accepting new ways forward. In short, I want you to effectively choose how to live your own life and not to become a clone of me.

The emphasis is very much on showing you how to use all that you are, good and bad, positive and negative, to build resilient self awareness. By learning how to accept all that is you, rather than trying to tune out the bits that you don’t like, you become free to trust yourself, build patience and learn to be more realistic and compassionate. This in turn allows you to learn how to respond in new creative ways to life’s challenges, rather than to react in the same old way as you have always done.

Being in control of yourself rather than being run by old beliefs and philosophies that have been forced upon you, is a much more successful and comfortable way to lead your life. Clarity of thought, focus, personal productivity and creativity are just some of the benefits that follow when you feel that you are living by your own rules.

So, if you are looking for a guru who will tell you how to think, what to think, when and how to exercise and what to eat, you have come to the wrong website. If, on the other hand, you want someone to lay out useful information for you to consider and guide and support you in your quest to live your own life, then this website is definitely for you.

Become a Confident and Competent Mindfulness Teacher / Trainer.

To read about the full details of the CPD Accredited Course ‘Become a Mindfulness Teacher / Trainer’ Course, please click on the following buttons. These pages give you a good overview that will apply to this one to one version of the Course. This one to one version will cover the same syllabus and will qualify you for Continuing Professional Development Credits in the same way.

This adaptable and personalised course option is for those people, who are not able to attend the five consecutive day course, or the 3 consecutive weekend course. It may be because you have got too many other time commitments, you may live too far away from the venue, or you have some physical reason why you can not travel.

You have full control over how and when you complete your course. It is nominally split into eight two-hour, one to one live Skype sessions, practical and reading tasks between sessions and an end of Course Assessment. However, you can choose longer, or shorter sessions and you can decide on the frequency of your sessions. The main requirement is that you have a reliable Internet connection that is capable of handling Skype calls. This Course will also make provision for email contact between sessions to keep up continuity and support.

Here are some reasons for and against choosing the Online Personalised Version of the Course:

Will I miss interacting and practicing with others?

Yes, you might do, but there are many benefits that you can weigh up against this. It is nice to enjoy the camaraderie of a group, but if you can't make a live course for whatever reason, there are other benefits that you can enjoy. Being able to take the sessions at a time that suits you, in a comfortble place of your choice will appeal to many people. One to one sessions can be more focussed on you.

Can I ask for the Course content to be varied?

Here is one of the main benefits. You can proceed at your own pace. With the best will in the world, progress in a live course will depend partially on the mix of the participants and their particular needs. In a one to one setting you can ask for more emphasis on some subject matter because it interests you more, and less on other parts that are not particularly relevant to you. If you take a methodical approach to your learning, over a few months your knowledge and understanding of Mindfulness may change your perceptions and you might want a change of approach.

Do I need to finish the Course in a specified time?

There is no time limit on you fininishing the one to one Course, but once you are finished you will still need to complete the assigmnents in the next six months if you wish to qualify for CPD credits.

Who will benefit from the online course?

This is not an exclusive list, but here are some of the people who might benefit the most:

● Anyone who is under time pressure and needs a flexible approach to learning. This Course is ideal for the busy manager who wants to learn some essentaial personal and management skills and wants the ability to help, encourage and motivate their team.

● A resident of planet earth who has an internet connection and a desire to learn invaluable life skills, but can't get to the venue of a live course.

● A person with special physical or mental health needs, who can't make it to the venue of a live course. If you are suffering from serious, stress, anxiety or depression attending a course might be too much for you, but you would really benefit from this Course. If you have physical or emotional needs that affect your comfort, or tiredness levels it is easier to find a workable level for you, than it might be in a live venue. The tutor on this Course is in a wheelchair and should therefore be pretty understanding of personal needs.

● Healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors, counsellors, physiotherapists, complementary therapists, etc. who might benefit from some very focussed learning that would apply to their own specific line of work. For instance a counsellor who works in pain management might benefit from spending more time learning mindfulness interventions for pain control.

● Teachers who would like to learn about mindfulness with the intention of helping mindful practices to be introduced into their school and classroom. In this case it would be very beneficial to look at the special considerations for working with children and working on developing an array of exercises and techniques that can be used in the classroom and staffroom.

● Someone who has been signed off work through burnout, stress, anxiety or depression and does not feel ready to face, or want, counselling.

If you do not recognise yourself on this list, please feel free to get in contact to discuss whether the Course is suitable for you.

What times can I book for the Course?

This website has a very simple online booking system that allows you to book, change and cancel appointments. Subject to availablity, times can be booked between 07:00 - 21:00 BST. seven days per week, so early, late and weekend slots are generally avalable.

Will I keep the same tutor?

You will indeed. You also get the chance to meet me for a free 15 minute chat before you book the Course, just to make sure you feel that we can work together.


One to One Mindfulness Teacher Training Live Skype Sessions.png

Presented as 8 Two-Hour Live SKYPE Sessions.

Eight Two-Hour Personalised and Adaptable Live Skype Sessions.

Times: 07:00 - 21:00. 7 days per week, subject to availability.

Cost: £750.00