Become a Mindful Manager. Online Management Training

Part Two is used to strengthen and deepen the exercises and techniques that are learned in Part One and to answer any questions that arise from your practice between sessions. However, its main purpose is to extend your awareness to others around you and to start applying what you have learned about in the first Part to deepen your understanding of why and how people think what they think, and do what they do,

Mindful communication will be at the core of this Part, whether it be one to one, talking to groups, or making a presentation. Verbal, written and presentation skills will be highlighted and discussed. You learn how to set your intention for a communication, follow it through, and then judge the success or failure of your intent. Consideration will be given to how your communications take into account the needs of others and how you can ensure that you are presenting a comfortable, authentic character to those that you engage with.

The dynamics of team meetings will be considered and you will learn how to vary your focus between what you wish to contribute, how you measure how you have been received and how you have received others’ contributions. Time will be taken to look at the most common mindsets and posturing that sabotage meetings.

You will learn how to understand, trust and feel comfortable with feedback that your body is giving you during interactions with others. You will also apply what you know about how you react in pressure situations to become aware of how members of your team may be struggling and be in need of your support.

By the end of this Part you will have built the framework for a comfortable, resilient and sustainable management style that will help you to work with team members, bosses and customers with authentic confidence,

Subjects Covered in Part Two:

10 Hours One to One Skype Training. 30 CPD Credits.

6 Hours if Part One was completed previously.

Email Support During Module. End of Module Assignments.

Comprehensive downloadable notes and exercises.

Content of Part Two:

  • All of Part One if not taken previously as a stand alone module.
  • How to deepen our practice and knowledge.
  • Successfully varying our focus from self to others and back again.
  • Strengthening our awareness and understanding of others.
  • False News, or facts. When to trust our instincts.
  • The power of open questioning for ourselves and others.
  • Collective problem solving.
  • Finding the right words and helping others to express themselves.
  • Watching our mind body connection and how to see it in others.
  • 10 tips for mindful communication.
  • The importance of compassion and patience.
  • Preparing for meetings: Setting intent and choosing focus level.
  • Informal mindfulness practices. Building your own style.
  • Open eyed instant 'meditation' and anchoring techniques for everyday use.
  • Body language insights: Beating your emotions.
  • Using all your senses to heighten your awareness and effectiveness.
  • Taking stock: Full body scan. Your regular MOT.
  • The dangers of 'cognitive dissonance' and 'Groupthink'.
  • How to trust ourselves and others.
  • What is pain and what is suffering. Ways to handle physical and emotional pain and suffering.
  • How not to force the pace: When trying gets in the way.
  • Physical relaxation in meetings and negotiations.
  • A smile does more than move a few muscles.
  • Rest your eyes and change your point of focus.
  • What does the HSE expect of businesses and how mindfulness can help.
  • Finding your inner manager.