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The Stress, Anxiety and Depression Clinic one to one Skype consultations are available as 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions of your choice. These consultations are for people who feel that they need help to safeguard their mental health, or are at the point of crisis, burnout and need help immediately. It is not intended as a therapy session, but if you feel that is what you need click here. Think of the shorter sessions like going to accident and emergency for an acute injury, with the longer sessions introducing some rehabilitation and habit changing to prevent stress, anxiety and depression harming your health in future.

30 Minute Session:

This may be appropriate for when you are going through a stressful situation and would like to gain some clarity on how to deal with it, or just want some help to reduce your stress levels that are associated with the incident. You can use these sessions as a sounding board to help you to develop new strategies where you can respond rather than react.

60 Minute Session:

These sessions may be best if you need help with controlling your physical, mental and emotional stress for something like a presentation or a test, where time is needed to learn a some effective stress relief techniques and how to deal with the thoughts surrounding the upcoming event.

90 Minute Session:

Best suited for those who realise that their stress levels are getting out of hand and beginning to threaten important relationships, career prospects and of course long term health. This session gives us time to cover some of the vital information surrounding stress, anxiety and depression and allows us to start building a strong and resilient personal framework to help you to become more self aware, confident and authentic and able to make considered decisions in stressful situations, rather than being swept along by the tide of habitual reactions.

These consultations are totally confidential, our conversation will not be shared with your work, or your doctor, unless you ask for it to be. You are invited to choose a focus for your session, after you have booked, so that the examples and techniques that your are shown relate to you, as much as possible. For instance if you think you are suffering from anxiety, you may wish to make this the focus of your session. You can also leave specific notes to help guide the session. This is optional and you may just want to cover generalised stress related themes.

Times available 7 days per week 07:00 - 21:00 BST (subject to availability)

My Training Philosophy - The Way I Work With You.

Steve Jobs once said “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.“

With this in mind, I always try to “lead from behind” in my sessions, so that you can find and adopt your own comfortable philosophies and not be hijacked by others. By this I mean that I have no particular set of views, or philosophes that I believe you need to agree with, before I can help you. I know what works for me, but I am sure that many things that I believe and many things I do will most certainly not work for you. I will offer you a tasting menu of practical and theoretical information to sample, and I hope that some of it resonates with you and that you can comfortably reject much of it, because it does not feel right for you. Many times, being free to reject what doesn’t feel right is as important as accepting new ways forward. In short, I want you to effectively choose how to live your own life and not to become a clone of me.

The emphasis is very much on showing you how to use all that you are, good and bad, positive and negative, to build resilient self awareness. By learning how to accept all that is you, rather than trying to tune out the bits that you don’t like, you become free to trust yourself, build patience and learn to be more realistic and compassionate. This in turn allows you to learn how to respond in new creative ways to life’s challenges, rather than to react in the same old way as you have always done.

Being in control of yourself rather than being run by old beliefs and philosophies that have been forced upon you, is a much more successful and comfortable way to lead your life. Clarity of thought, focus, personal productivity and creativity are just some of the benefits that follow when you feel that you are living by your own rules.

So, if you are looking for a guru who will tell you how to think, what to think, when and how to exercise and what to eat, you have come to the wrong website. If, on the other hand, you want someone to lay out useful information for you to consider and guide and support you in your quest to live your own life, then this website is definitely for you.

Background Information.

Stress anxiety and depression can kill, and cause life changing illness. That is a fact of modern day living. Headlines about the ever increasing problems of declining mental and emotional health surround us every day. Even the rich and famous are not immune. We can spend a fortune on gym membership, because we understand the need for good physical health, but we neglect good mental and emotional health. This neglect can ruin a promising career and can be deadly.

You wake up. You are warm and comfortable, you can hear the birds singing, you feel good. Then reality strikes as your brain wakes up too and starts to think about all the things that you have to do today, all the potential problems and possible conflicts that you are going to face. In an instant your mood has changed, your thoughts could be racing, or you could feel completely drained, you can feel that pain in your back and you may be aware of your pulse rate increasing. Welcome to the world of the modern human. You can instantly imagine danger where no actual danger exists. You get out of bed in a panic, or very reluctantly and become a human doing, rather than a human being. And so the inevitable stress starts to take chunks out of you, even if you don't realise it, or try to avoid thinking about it.

If you have had a physical, mental or emotional wake up call that all is not OK, now is the time to act before it gets any worse and the road to recovery becomes even more steep and rocky. Learn how you can take control of your mental and emotional well being, combat stress and make many positive changes to your business and personal life. Mindfully OK offers you 30, 60 and 90 minute live, one to one Skype sessions, to kick start your recovery from stress related ill health.

What will you learn?

Practical ways to deal with your stress, anxiety and or depression. - Routines for physical, mental and emotional signs and symptoms - Interventions for different types of stress related problems. - Strategies for different times of day. - Notes to backup the consultation.

You will learn quick, practical strategies, techniques and tips to help you to respond effectively to the challenges of stress, anxiety and depression in your life. You will learn to introduce choice into your decisions, rather than being swept along by old reactions, prejudices and outdated learning.

Where necessary the practical work will be backed up by theory and you will be able to learn about the latest research into neuroplasticity (building new neural networks), which means you are never to old to learn new ways and build a stronger more reliable framework to maintain your future mental and emotional health.

Where will you learn?

That is entirely up to you. Provided that you have got a good internet connection that can handle a Skype call you can be in the comfort of your home, office, garden shed, top of a mountain etc.

Bookable times are available between 07:00 - 21:00 BST. 7 days per week, subject to availability.

How will you learn?

The session will be live and one to one. You will share slides that explain the practical techniques that you are learning and you will be able to download these and full notes after the session. The session does not have to be related to your particular circumstances, unless you wish it to be.

You can elect to take further sessions in the Mindful Soft Skills Programme, or take an online guided and supported CPD accredited e-course after you have completed this session where you will be able to earn CPD credits.

Is One Session Enough?

It is a very good start and it will prove to you that it is possible to change the way stress affects you on a daily basis.

When we get stressed we react to life’s challenges in predictable ways. Neural pathways in the more primitive parts of our brain are in control. These parts of the brain require less energy because they are in the business of reacting and not thinking. Even if we want to try to respond in new creative ways we are severely hindered because our brains are being held in react mode by the hormones and brain chemistry of the stress reaction.

These sessions are all about giving you instant practical strategies to actually reverse the stress reaction and give you the opportunity to respond differently, because you are engaging different parts of the brain. Small successes help to loosen the hold of your primitive stress reaction. Within the module you will start to see and feel the benefits and this will encourage you to learn more and practice more, just as you would do if you started doing physical exercise and started to feel the benefit. Fortunately, during this programme you don’t suffer the pain and stiffness of starting physical exercise!

Benefits of Stress Management Using Modern Mindfulness.
  • Change and augment normal daily activity to harness the power of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis within your brain,

  • See how you can change harmful stressful habits by understanding the latest advances in medical research and MRI scans.

  • Build a resilient and powerful personal framework to help combat stress, but also gives you a strong foundation to tie in with existing life skills.

  • Practical techniques, exercises and tips to combat the effects of stress and the relentless demands of modern day living.

  • Learn techniques that will enhance self-awareness and awareness of others to boost your management and leadership qualities.

  • Informal, relaxed, fun, but ultimately very effective and powerful information to help you make quick and lasting changes to your life.

  • Examples of real techniques that have been used and refined by your tutor, over 25 years counselling and mentoring practice.

Signs and Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety or Depression.

Some Physical signs and symptoms of stress.

Pounding Heart - Constipation - Frequent Colds - Ringing in the Ears - Back Pain - Chest Pain - Muscle Spasms - Muscle Tension - Excessively Cold Hands and Feet - Skin Rashes - Sudden Weight Changes - Dryness of the Throat and Mouth - Chronic Fatigue - Trouble Sleeping - Headaches - Indigestion - Allergies - Excessive sweating - Trembling - Nervous Tics.

Some Mental and Emotional Signs of Stress:

Lack of Forgiveness - Persistent Guilty Feelings - Hostility Towards Others - Self-Abuse in Any Form - Feelings of Hopelessness - Frequent Lapses of Memory - Racing Thoughts - Poor Concentration - Poor Decision Making - Boredom - Constant Negative Self-Talk - Confusion - Pessimism - Phobias - Suicidal Thoughts - Rapid Mood Swings - Anxiety Attacks - Depression - Apathy - Frequent Nightmares - Restlessness - Feelings of Despair - Bursts of Tears.

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Stress Online Sessions. SOS for stress.Quick effective and practical relief at times to suit you.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Management. Practical Online Help

One to One Live SKYPE Session.

30 Minute Consultation with 2 Weeks Email Support.

Cost: £30.00

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Stress, Anxiety and Depression Management. Practical Online Help

One to One Live SKYPE Session.

60 Minute Consultation with 2 Weeks Email Support.

Cost: £60.00

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Stress, Anxiety and Depression Management. Practical Online Help

One to One Live SKYPE Session.

90 Minute Consultation with 2 Weeks Email Support.

Cost: £90.00