Just a few Testimonials about the Courses and Counselling:

The content was well delivered, Geoff spoke in a way that captured the attention of everyone and made everyone feel comfortable. Laura.

"I have just got to complain! I started the session feeling very sorry for myself and found myself grinning like a fool at the end. What did you do to me?" Carole.

“Lively, fun, entertaining and very useful course. I was a bit skeptical about Mindfulness, but now I know that I have many ways to control my stress and anxiety. More please.” - Harry

"What a great sounding board for working out some of my issues with my boss. Simple advice, a large slice of common sense, but it worked. Thanks Geoff." Pete.

"That breathing thing is amazing! I have an invisible way to calm myself in difficult times. More please," Michael.

“Great course and what an excellent way to spend a day. Thanks Geoff, I loved the humour and all the practical ways that I can understand and deal with stress in my life.” Ellis.

"It didn't feel like therapy, but OMG!" Jan.

"You challenged me, but I felt safe and in control. Lots of calm wisdom. Thank you so much Geoff." Annie.

“I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that you created on the course and I learned loads. You simplified things and made what I thought complicated, very easy.” Kerry.

"My anxiety is much easier to control now that I have learned its value. Why didn't I see someone like you before?" Robbie.

"What a bag of tricks to use when things get tough at work. Its given me confidence and I even feel good about the presentation next week." Chris

"You've done this before! I am so grateful Geoff" Lucy